We plant seeds.

We harvest tradition.

We have big branches.

We celebrate growth.

John Rice, professional studio musician, instrumentalist, sideman, guitarist, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, Chicago, session player, bluegrass, country music

Mr. John Rice

Mandolin / Fiddle

"Let's really think about what we're doing."

Chipper Covington, banjo, Chicago, bluegrass, musician, music, Evanston, Skokie, promoter

Chipper Covington

Banjo / Vocals

"Banjo is more than a toy, it's addictive."

Harris, bluegrass, Chicago, musician, guitarist, singer, music teacher, Evanston, voice teacher, music theory teacher, windy city bluegrass band, banjos and bagels

Harris Covington V

Guitar / Vocals


"I'm off camping in the Rockies with my guitar and the dog."

Dan Fuchs, Chicago, bluegrass, music, musician, dobro, percussionist, drums

Dan Fuchs

Dobro / Vocals

"What does Detroit and Dobro have in common?"

Mitch Straeffer, upright bass, electric bass, Chicago, bluegrass, musician

Mitch Straeffer

Upright Bass

"Hey man, we just want to have fun."

John Rice - Multi-Instrumentalist